Karma, what is it?

In Buddhism and Hinduism Karma is the law governing the successive reincarnations of a person, determining the events and circumstances that affect their lives according to the actions performed in previous existences because of karma a person who has been nasty or otherwise can suffer greatly in the next.


Karma evolution involves learning through experience. In order to learn from mistakes and grow our Creator has given us free will. Here on Earth, free will is used for both good and bad, and its subsequent consequences are learned. Consequences here are in the extreme and under some extremely difficult conditions


At higher levels of being is possible to see in a moment the likely outcomes of various alternative choices or routes our decisions will take us.


Our job is to simply make the right decision. Unfortunately our evolutionary journey is clouded by "Veil of Forgetfulness", so if we make a mess of this life we will forget and have to relearn these lessons again in the future.


Here on Earth, we must learn through the arduous process of physical experience, we make decisions, weigh the perceived benefits for ourselves and for others, and then experience the consequences of our decisions.


This is the rough hand of cosmic justice, until one day we find an overwhelming yearning to return home, to leave and never return.  At this point we begin our true spiritual journey and seek answers to prevent our sleepwalking through life.